Agven Fabric Mosquito Repellant
Agven Fabric Mosquito Repellant is a scientific solution which repels insects but is safe for humans & pets. Agven is made of non woven recyclable fabric treated with Pyrethrins as per the standards prescribed by the World Health Organization.
  How does Agven act?

Agven contains Pyrethrins which are natural organic compounds derived from Chrysanthemum flowers that have potent insecticidal activity. Even when present in amounts not fatal to insects, they still have insect repellant effect.

Agven protects from

  • Mosquito bites.

  • Bedbug attacks.

  • Head lice infestation.

  • Agven is available in various forms

    Our fabric treatment centres are professionally designed to treat window curtains, door curtains, mosquito nets, carpets, table mats, sofa covers, bed sheets, pillow cover.

  • Agven window curtain: acts as a potent barrier to insects and prevents them from entering the protected    area.

  • Agven door curtain is a preventive screen that bars insects from trying to enter the protected room.

  • Agven mosquito net forms a protective barrier around people sleeping under them.

  • Agven is long lasting

    Agven contains micro encapsulated technology which makes it’s effect long lasting. The treated non woven fabric is strong and durable. They keep insects out from the captive area for a minimum period of six months or three washings.

    Agven is safe

    Pyrethrins contained in Agven are biodegradable and rapidly disintegrate in sunlight and air, thus assuring that there will be no excessive build-up of insecticides dispensed in the area being treated. The USFDA has stated that pyrethrum is "probably the safest of all insecticides for use in a food plant" and that " a pyrethrum formulation is approved for use around foodstuffs. Agven is a safe even for infants and children.